View Full Version : Prestige German Cars Second Branch

Dr. N
22-10-2009, 09:36 AM
For those in the North East who may be interested and don't already know...

Prestige now have a second branch off the Silverlink where John will be resident.

Just had my MC in Prestige in Jarrow for Inspection 2 and MOT. As it turned out it also needed new track rod, steering-rack gaiters etc. etc. and a small oil leak sorting out. Having been reminded of the potential for disaster by the currently active thread in general discussion, I also had them inspect the water pump which, as it turned out, was fooked.......

Very strange considering that I had only noticed the temp. raise above normal very very occasionally but decided to have it checked out thoroughly - glad I did! The usual problem, bearings had parted company and we fortunately preempted total failure.

Anyway, the whole lot came out a shade over a grand, the work and customer service were of the highest standard and, yet again, I would thoroughly recommend them. Especially considering what some dealers would try and charge you for Inspection 2 alone!!!

The moral of the story - if in doubt, get it checked out! I'm very glad I'm not in the hole for a new radiator etc. :thumbsup: