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Originally Posted by jonnysideways View Post
Good to see another car being looked after.

How do you find the 4 New Michelin Pilot Sport Tyres, I've always run Pilot sports on my M's and had a set of super sports on one of my last E46.

This current car has some Uniroyal rain sports on the front and some cheap ditch finders on the rear, so not sure if to pop some matching Uniroyal's on the rear, or to bite the bullet and buy a set of Pilot Sports.

Any thoughts from a fellow Z3M owner would be appreciated.
No worries, I find the PS4's brilliant and very confidence inspiring in all weathers. Good traction too. Steering feel pretty good.

I also had them on a Maserati 3200 Assetto Corsa about two years ago (when the tyre had just come out) and they were good on that too.

I was a little disappointed that I could not get the higher performance Pilot Sport 4S in this size, but no regrets on going for the PS4.

A bonus is that the sidewalls have a nice silky finish to them that somehow looks quite smart.

I had a similar situation, aged tyres when I bought her. I was actually worried that one of my wheels was bent/buckled and that was a negotiating point, but new tyres one and balanced up and it's all good which was a relief. I think a wheel weight might have come off before.
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