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Originally Posted by mnbrennan View Post
Ian, I've never quite worked out where the adjusters are for the kws. I know stiffness on the front is at the top, but where is the rest?

Car looks great by the way
KWv3s have adjustment at the top of the strut (rebound) and at the bottom (bump) both front and rear

Originally Posted by Jon_Bmw View Post

Can I ask why you didn't use the KW height adjusters?

I have them on mine, but to get the ride height acceptable the springs look virtually coil bound. Consequently the rear is quite hard over speed bumps etc.

Did you just use the KW springs and a BMW pad? If so can you let me know part number of your springs and the BMW pad as I might consider doing the same.

Having written that and thinking about it, to get the height I want (similar to yours) I am not sure whether loosing the adjusters actually gains you anything. I need to get my head under the car and remind myself how it all works.

I don't suppose you can photograph your rear springs when the vehicle weight is on them?
Yep, I've just used the KW spring and a thicker spring pad. Equates to probably half the height of the KW base plate and adjuster combined. I did try it with the original spring pad only but that was just too low. I'll try and get some pics from under the car at the weekend. I did take picture of spring pads for comparison though:

Side on profile

1998 ///M Coupe

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