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Thanks guys.
It's hard to compare anything to the Clio really as it's such a mad car, driving wise the m coupe is a much nicer place to sit and you can tell it's a better built car. It will only be a summer car like the v6 but once I get some proper driving time I will do a more in depth comparison.
I will definitely miss the Clio but it was time to move on and I think the m coupe is a good replacement.
Much like the m coupe, v6 prices shot up and I would definitely put them both in the same category of weird and wonderful cars.
I will miss the noise of the Clio as having a 3ltr v6 just behind your head definitely heightens your senses. The straight 6 does sound good but not as dramatic (think I definitely need an exhaust)
I've owned a lot of cars over the past few years, nothing compared to the Clio but hopefully the coupe will. My first impressions of the coupe are very good.
Roll on summer!
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