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Old 09-01-2021, 02:23 PM
Mad Max Mad Max is offline
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Update on my car, it's been a while...

2019 was mainly spent chasing a clutch engagement issue. Eventually in July Darren Wood found the issue - when a previous clutch slave cylinder had failed, it's leaked a lot of brake fluid onto the clutch itself, so the relatively new clutch in her had eaten itself.

New clutch in and she was fine again... until in September I noticed a few popped spot welds on the boot floor, an unusual creaking sound gave it away. Second time for this car, she had a BMW replacement floor before I'd bought her... and a new clutch!

So I got myself a Randy Forbes kit. Massive thanks go to Randy for all his help, he's a top bloke and amazingly helpful, as everyone else on here who's ever spoken to him will tell you.

The car then went off to Dyno Torque in Birmingham July 2020, on Fok's recommendation (his conversion was done there, and similar reinforcements done). I can highly recommend Craig, his work has been top notch, as was his communication, keeping to timing and it wasn't as expensive as I had anticipated in the end. The diff is now double ear'd. Unfortunately I don't have many pics, nor any way to upload them.

While the back plate was off the diff, Craig spotted a bolt that had sheared on the diff - had them all replaced to be safe. Lucky spot, that could have lunched the diff.

So, she is feeling very sorted - the Randy Forbes kit really does stiffen the car up. She's now tucked up for the winter on charge in the garage. Hoping for a more fun 2021 with her. I've got brand new BMW wings and skirts to be painted and fitted and she's due a service and a brake fluid change in the summer, will probably have the coolant flushed at the same time.

...and do some driving :-)

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Old 10-01-2021, 10:55 AM
urquattrogus urquattrogus is offline
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Nice one, that will give you peace of mind I'm sure!

Sounds very unlucky with the clutch. I'm forming the opinion that almost no coupe exists without having encountered some kind of boot floor issues! I guess if you don't use it it's fine but it's lovely to get a fix done.
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