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Old 12-10-2019, 10:00 PM
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petecossie petecossie is offline
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Don't know if there is anyone else on here who attended the Donnington 2005 meet up when we had an infield area to ourselves with ample space for the 63 cars with a few late comers making the total up to 67. An unofficial world record at the time (Unfortunately there no pics in the Forum Gallery). We had attendees from all over UK, I even have a pic of couple of lads in kilts from Scotland. There were pit visits to support the two Z3 M Coupes that were running in the GT races. Even the pre meet up in Donnington Services of 40 odd cars was a sight to see. The five car convoy drive up the M1 from a service station near Leeds was an absolute blast, Phil T was the only one I can remember from the other four cars.
I don’t think we’ll ever see the above record being broken as there just isn’t the interest, I’d love to be proved wrong mind. To my mind you haven’t got to forget at a meet up will have wives, partners, even the odd youngster attending so wherever we decide to meet it has to have some facilities to keep people reasonably happy.
If Donnington isn’t acceptable then something of the like of Harwood House, Newby Hall (Cars in the Park venue), Castle Howard or even the National Motor Cycle Museum. To be able to attract owners from the extremes of the country the meet up has got to be I feel in mid UK. If there was a North and South event they would be diluting the idea of a big meet up.
Just my thoughts, come on lads ideas needed.
Pete C

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2000 Z3M Coupe - Cosmos Black Metallic/Black interior.
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Old 13-10-2019, 02:49 PM
Fat Tony Fat Tony is offline
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Given that there's only around 7 of us actively talking about the meet so far, I personally doubt that we'll get the interest of 'the masses' if it's a stand-alone forum meet. I think it really has to have something else involved to make the trip worthwhile for people (be that a motoring event, a forum drive-out or something)

To be honest, I'm not sure I'd be bothered about driving a couple of hundred miles if it was just to meet a bunch of people with the same car as I own, as much as I've enjoyed meeting and chatting to members of the forum at other events
Not actually in the least bit fat

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Old 13-10-2019, 03:29 PM
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Dave P Dave P is offline
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To quote myself in the first post " is there demand for a big event or not?"

So as Tony says with only 7 people taking the time to post then maybe I have found the answer to my initial question. I wasn't looking to arrange a world record attempting meet

but just a bigger number than we have seen since 2010. With the response so far it appears few are prepared to travel miles to attend any planned meet so my idea of North and South

events makes the most sense to me (if at all) I think my mistake is to ask people their views but I should instead just organise a meet and if people want to attend then great.

Last edited by Dave P; 13-10-2019 at 03:32 PM.
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Old 13-10-2019, 08:07 PM
Howiez Howiez is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2007
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Make our own event, convoy around the Evo triangle, then off through Snowdonia and have a meal stop
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D5 Alpina Touring
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Old 13-10-2019, 10:03 PM
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Ian_C Ian_C is offline
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How’s this for an idea -

Saturday afternoon meet at a big Bmw dealership
Saturday evening dinner at a local hotel
Sunday morning drive out

Obvs need to work out a photogenic location for hotel, a friendly dealer and access to interesting roads but could be a goer. Thoughts?
1998 ///M Coupe

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Old 14-10-2019, 08:56 PM
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Seca Blue Seca Blue is offline
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I'm all for meeting up again - but I am slightly limited by family stuff.
I think Silverstone has been great fun and worked really well this year. Me and the longish suffering book our fav air bnb make a weekend of it and leave the kids with my parents.

Having said that - I think she's done for now and is suggesting I bring one of the kids next time.
I could only do that if we were at a bigger event like Silverstone so there was other entertainment, but then the prob is we all disappear off and never get to catch up.

No simple answer so I guess someone just has to say this or that is happening and we all decide if it works or not.
S54 Seca Blue - ACS Short shift and Exhaust. Luverly.
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Old 15-10-2019, 08:03 PM
Howm58 Howm58 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 48

I enjoyed Silverstone this year (apart from the weather).
Maybe in the grounds of a castle or stately home somewhere around the midlands would be good.
Also fancied a blast around the Welsh countryside, so an organised drive to a meet venue would be impressive if enough of us turned up!!
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Old 17-10-2019, 09:57 PM
ragerover's Avatar
ragerover ragerover is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2007
Location: newcastle upon tyne
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Kill 2 birds with one stone

Meet at my garage
I’ll sort a barby out or breakfast at garage
Or even miss the garage out I’m easy
Then a dive up the A68 old military road
( one of the best in uk) to jockland
Meet up with a few jocks

Need to find a good car meet or summit good to see
I’m doing an extension to Malcolm Wilson’s factory M Sport
In Cumbria I could try and arrange a meet and factory visit ( can’t promise that ) but he’s a car freak so recon he might be up for the Couoes turning up
He’s got loads of new and cracking old stuff right back to mk1 escort rally cars and old F1 engines
Plus his own private test track on site
Some decent places to stay over there
Then back to M6
Jocks heading both
Southerners and other lads from midlands heading south on M6
Us other geordies Yorkshire puddings and smoggy heading down A69 or even better over the tops fibs Alston
As much as silverstone good. For me the drive down the M1 is boring
I never use my car but need a good excuse to put in a few miles on good roads
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Old 17-10-2019, 10:00 PM
ragerover's Avatar
ragerover ragerover is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2007
Location: newcastle upon tyne
Posts: 3,088

Where ever it is it would be best if we were in same hotel
Booked a meal and a few beers at the same place together and had a good crack and just talked car bollox
The last few silverstones I went to people stayed in separate hotels and nothing really gelled
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Old 18-10-2019, 06:42 AM
jess robson jess robson is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2014
Posts: 221
Default meet up

sounds good Rage and your right about the boring m1,i travelled down to leicester and back a few weeks ago ,average 50 mph cameras everywhere and they stick the odd 40 mph ones in to catch you out.needless to say i am booked in for motorway speed awareness course in two weeks.
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2020 event

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